Incorporating FB workout moves to daily life

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. As I am completing the 3rd week of the Complete program, I am feeling more and more energized and - kind of - happier, I mean given the covid-circumstances. What I also started noticing is that now more than ever before I am incorporating some workout moves into my daily life, like for instance when I am lifting something off or placing something on the floor, I realized I am basically mimicking the deadlift motion. Or when I climb up a set of stairs, I am squeezing my glutes and so on. 😁 Overall I feel more connected to my body, like my mind is more present to what my body is doing and I really enjoy this "by-product" of a committed working out routine! 😊

Have you been experiencing something similar? Do you notice such kind of differences in the way you body goes about the daily tasks? I wanted to put this in writing because I really want to try to remember this the next time I will be experiencing a lack of motivation. 💪