DVT and exercise

Hello my fellow blenders!

I had a great start to my year... Been struggling with health issues for a bit at the end of last year and my exercise routine took a beating. From the last week in Dec up to 14 Jan, I completed the 5 say strong and lean challenge as well as FB30R4 (in 15 day - very doable, you just have to pair your days correctly). I looked and felt GREAT with clear muscle definition.

Because 2021 was going to be my year, I even sprung for FB plus... A week ago I started having calve pain and this week I was diagnosed with DVT...Leg pain is consistent, nothing helps and I can barely stand...of course I feel totally dejected and miserable because I can't work out which is my happy place. I'm telling myself that this is a great opportunity to work on my diet but really miss being able to move.

Is there anyone who's had DVT and has suggestions on types of movement I could try or just willing to share how you've managed to get back on the apple cart after recovering? I really would appreciate it.

Thank you.