More activity = less hunger?!

Hi guys!

Today, I was more active than I usually am, I walked a bit, spent more time standing and moving while I cooked and cleaned, and did yoga and a workout, and… I didn’t feel hungry during the day. Actually I forgot to eat lunch, then forced myself to eat a snack at around 4 pm because I was about to do my workout and thought it wasn’t a good idea to go into it without eating. This evening again, I wasn’t feeling the hunger like I usually do. I knew I had to eat, so I did. But the thing is, usually I am ALWAYS hungry. When I work all day, sit in front of the computer all the time without moving, I start feeling hungry 2-3 hours after my breakfast, I have lunch, then a snack at around 4 pm and dinner in the evening. And I feel really hungry every single time.

It’s not the first time I notice this. For example, when I’m on vacation, walking around all day long, I’m happy with a big breakfast, a snack in the afternoon and a dinner.

Do you also experience this? Do you know what could cause this? It seems so counter-intuitive… Or is it just a trick of the mind maybe, like the opposite of boredom eating?

What do you think?