How do you feel about food thread?

Hi beautiful Blenders,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

I wanted to throw an idea out there and see what you all think.

I thought that maybe a food thread might be of interest. As FB just posted, nutrition is an important part of our fitness and health journey and if I anticipated it correctly, there are some out there struggling with their daily eating and I thought maybe a dedicated thread towards that topic could help.

What I could imagine would be a thread where everyone can post how they feel about their food. I don’t mean to chair calories or exact lists of what someone ate but really about your thoughts and feelings around the food you ate or you want to eat and for example feel that this particular food wouldn’t be good for you. Of course, saying that you crave a chocolate bar or the tempting donut in the office should be fine, but tell us also why you think you need this chocolate bar right now? How will you feel if you eat it and how would you feel if you don’t?

The thread could also serve like an emergency check-in. When you feel very tempted or have strong cravings, just tell us how you feel before you eat. Maybe that can help to take the edge off or make yourself aware what really is going on? When you have a bad day, just check-in a couple of times and tell us about your thoughts.

On the other hand, it would be also great to hear from those who had a good day or someone who managed to lose, gain or keep their weight. Whatever is important for you. In this case tell us how you did it and how it makes you feel.

I hope you see where I want to go with this. If there is enough interest, I would start the thread in the mornings and let’s say, test it for one or two weeks and see if it works. Important is, that I don’t want to make the thread about me. Now and then sharing something about my approach towards food I hope is OK, but I actually really want to hear about you and how you are doing. And I have to say I’m not an expert, so it’s not about giving professional advice or anything like that. Just supporting each other and maybe get some ideas where to go how to handle difficult situations. And I might be not able to respond to everyone each day but I’m hoping of the support of this great and supportive community.

So, let me know what you think?