Some setbacks, some wins

So as many of you know, I have three teenage girls and a four year old boy, and I’m always worried about the girls and their poor diet and lack of activity. And my husband is doing keto while I try the Mediterranean diet and my kids are picky eaters so meals are tricky.

This week was ok for my family diet-wise. I made just about every meal buffet-style so everyone could get what they wanted. The kids told me that they like raw veggies better than cooked, and listed the veggies they liked, so I cut them up and put them in a platter that fits in the fridge. So at dinner, I put it out and tell them they need to take one cup full. This is going OK, except if I say one cup, they only take like half a cup and I can tell they’re looking at me to see if I say anything. At first I did, which led to arguments, and I have a hard time not feeling resentful that no one appreciates my effort. But I’m trying to let go, and as teens, they want to control their lives and for me to stay out of it. So I stopped saying anything about it. Dinner is the only time of day they get veggies, so it’s not a great idea to eat so little. So I’ve just been trying to take a deep breath and let them live their lives. The same goes for other aspects of self-care. I’m really trying to let them make their own choices, no matter how hard it is to watch.

Several of their family members have obesity related illness, and in fact we learned this week that their grandpa only has a few days to live. He’s dying of kidney failure, with diabetes as a complicating factor.

At their last checkup, the doctor pulled me into the hallway to show me their charts, how they all (except the four year old) are showing concerning signs of increasing levels of obesity, and said to me “your whole family needs to make a life change.” When I talk about this to them, I talk in terms of habits, not weight. So I say things like, “the doctor says we need to start snacking on fruit instead of muffins,” but they are so resentful of this. I got in a big argument with one recently because she was angry we didn’t have any sugar. I told her I had just bought sugar and she and her sister went through it quickly by baking things and eating the whole batch themselves. So I didn’t realize we were out. Well there was no talking sense into her, she was just determined to be mad that I was trying to restrict their sugar.

So I’m trying to “make a life change” like the doctor suggested, but it’s so hard now that they are older and can drive to go get their own fast food.

But my good news of the week was the buffet-style meals. My husband got to eat keto-style. I ate Mediterranean-style. The kids were happier. So I guess I should just focus on that!