The B&As of the particularly saggy, brave and successful...

Hello there!

I'm almost 26 and really need motivation to help with my saggy stomach and thighs and arms and boobs...I'm convinced I'll still need a complete body lift (I don't think anyone needs this, but I think it'd benefit my health and sanity...massive emphasis here on *me* I love people for who they are, couldn't give a damn if other people are conventionally attractive, but for whatever reason, I care about me being conventionally attractive...if you get what I mean? Probably because I never have been, ha).

Anyway, I don't want to get any surgery done without at least trying for a couple of years at proper exercise and healthy eating. So! For those of you that lost a lot of weight without/before exercising like I have, how have you gotten on?

Sorry for double posting if you feel that I have too...thanks. xxx