2020 was the year I promised myself to get serious about my health: nutrition, movement and sleep. And I did! I am so proud of the change in mindset, abilities and body I was able to see.

My active lifestyle also transferred to how I wanted to spend my freetime. So in September, I went to a trampolinparc - and broke my ankle.

This was a huge setback mentally and physically. Not being able to move the way I used to (even tho I always continued to work out) was a huge setback for me. And as I said, I continued to move but am by far not able to move like I used to regarding to range of motion and intensity.

So finding the low impact programm reallllly excited me. Because I found motivation to move daily again, but also because the body-concious mindet behind it all suits me perfectly. I started my serious lifestyle change with a challenge and will re-start the engine with a challenge again. Day 5 and already feeling wonderful. To be continued .. :)