FB Reach - Day 24 - Lower Body + Abs Pilates

I completed my workout for today. It was a lower body plus abs pilates workout with Kellie and my lower body and abs were feeling it during the workout all the way through it. But I pushed myself through it even though I felt my legs starting to shake and wanting to give out on me, I just keep on saying come on you can do this just a little bit longer. I normally tell myself that whenever I'm going to do a workout that's going to be hard to do and, I know that halfway through it my body is just going to be saying I can't make through all the way. Then I just tell myself you can make through all the way through the whole workout without giving up on me just yet, alright now to talk about school it was a busy day but I managed to get everything done for today by around 2:20. Because I was busy all morning between doing schoolwork and doing the piano and taking care of the animals and any other things around the house that needed to be taking care of. But most of the time I was sitting down at the computer working my butt off to the point where I couldn't feel my butt anymore. It was so funny that it even made my mom and Allen laugh when I told then I had to get up and stretch because I couldn't feel my butt cheeks. But the funny things is that it only happens to me here at home but it doesn't happen to me at school at all, and I think it's because maybe I'm sitting on a hard chair without a cushion on it.