Perspiration Pals -January 21, 2021 🧆🥘

heya sweet P Pals,

How's it going? sun playing hide and seek here but relatively warm and nice day out here 😊

Hmm, I was in form to cook lunch today so ahem, got my favorite Syrian food takeaway, and so *happy dance* 😁😏 I think I just need excuse to have this food.

Workouts: It was a pure strength excellent upper body workout with D, and went straight into my favs. I'm only now realising how many strength videos are out there I haven't done even once, probably the 2nd/3rd in three weeks. I am also proud that I managed to squeeze in my yoga session last night even if very late 💃 you see I deserve that takeaway 😏

So enough about me, tell me about your day and activities and yep, share what's on the menu if you'd like 😊

Some Cookie musings: this early morn' when I tried to 'search' for her on my bed/pillow...guess where she was...haha she was stretched straight in the space between two pillows 😆🤣 she's so funny makes me laugh even when I'm half asleep!

P.S. Anyone and everyone is always welcome in these threads, please feel free to pop by and come say hello. We'd love to hear from you! 😊💜