Annoyed by changing weights all the time; powerblocks?


I used to work out at the gym before, until my sister-in-law told me about FB at the beginning of this year. I became hooked and not so long after I bought my first set of variable weights. I do love the strength training itself, but hate the constant changing of weights! It takes me out of the flow and decreases my focus and determination. It annoys me so bad that I quit FB Burn at week 3 and started FB Bodyweight round 2. I am at day 3 now, but so far I feel like the strength training is a bit too easy for me and I would really benefit from using weights.

Are there more people encountering this problem? Does anyone have a solution to this? Since I have really limited space, having a whole range of fixed dumbbells is not really possible. Powerblocks sound like an ideal solution, but are a bit expensive so I would have to save up for them and/or wait for second hand.