Workout Complete + School Day

I completed my workout for today. It was a building better posture video with Kellie and I didn't really try to do the workout, like I did the last time and I think I just wasn't really feeling it. But anyway I had a very busy day at school today and I was doing a lot of work in my English 3, Algebra 1, and my Art 2 class but I managed to to get all the work done for today. It was a lot of work but I still manage to push myself through the work even if it was hard to do and after a long busy day at school. My body is wore out from doing all the schoolwork in all of my classes but, I still had lots of fun in all of classes while I was doing the work still and that's all that matters. Is for all the students in the classroom to not only be busy but to also have fun while doing the work that need to get done for that class. Even sometimes I will finish before everyone else and while, I'm waiting for the next step all the other student will still be working on there work on trying to finish up the first step. Sometimes my teachers and friends will just be blown away by how fast I am at doing that or how short it will take me to finish up the first couple of steps of the work. But that's just me doing it at my own pace of doing my schoolwork in a timely manner to where, I will be waiting for more instructions from the teacher before moving on to the next thing.