Perspiration Pals -Jan 20, 2021 😎

Heya sweet P Pals,

How's it going? A fine day here, I'd like to believe that 😊 Also an important day for our friends in the US today.

This morning I had over 3.5 hrs of online teaching. It went very well 😊 but I'm so exhausted right now! Phew! Every time I have a class in the morning, I don't sleep well fearing I'd oversleep 😵 And eventually wake up too early. So ahem, the meme!

Workouts: thankfully it yoga Wednesday for me. I'll get to my yoga session at some time in the evening.

So what workouts and activities have you planned for yourself? And what's on the menu? Tell me about your day!

Some Cookie musings: this sweet lil kid of mine was sooo well behaved during my class... So after being 'away' for my class and a quick trip to supermarket I had to pick her up so she has 'her' time with me -guess who put her chin on my shoulder and didn't want to get down 🥰

P. S. Anyone and everyone is always welcome in these threads. Please feel free to pop by and say hello 😊💜