Would anybody benefit from a video that just teaches proper form techniques?

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well and that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

I know that FB stress the importance of form in every single work out (as well as quite a few articles/blog entries). They also give tips/guidance during the actual workouts.

However I feel I would really benefit from a video where Kelli and Daniel teach us the proper form for their most used strength training exercises. I don't mean they should do a workout video but an in-depth 'teaching proper technique/form/movement' video with demonstrations and instructions. They can go in depth about what to do, not to do, where to feel it, how to bend, and so on. I find in normal workout videos the pacing means that they only have time to give a few tips here and there. This would be a great place to have all their tips and guidance in one video without worrying about moving to the next set before the time is up. I guess they could do one video for lower body form and one for upper body?

It would be great if the video could include proper form on how to actually hold weights. I'm finding a bit of pain in my hands and fingers (not wrist) from weight lifting, especially during the lower body workouts where you hold weights at your shoulders. I think adding a section to the video on how to angle your wrist and fingers when lifting dumbbells would be great. I struggle to see how they angle their wrists/hands because the PowerBlock weights they use pretty much hide their hands during workouts.

I know that a lot of this information is already out there within FB, but I feel it is scattered across hundreds of videos and dozens of blog posts. While reading about proper form is great I think many would benefit from an in-depth class with visual cues and demonstrations of what to do.

A video like this would be great to add to the beginning of each FB Program/Challenge too.

Would anybody else benefit from this or am I the only one?


So FB actually have a repertoire of very short videos that explain how to do a lot of exercises (go on their YouTube channel and sort the videos from old to new). The majority of these are for bodyweight HIIT exercises, as well as pilates and stretching. They do have squats and lunges which is great! The only resistance exercises I saw in this list are with exercise bands, and I'm not sure if the same tips apply when using free weights like dumbbells. I also think these videos are not available on the website, just on YT. Either way they should be great for those struggling with bodyweight HIIT/Pilates form!

(PS if they've already done this please let me know. I did a bit of research on the website before posting but I may have missed it!)

(PPS I know that this would involve a lot of extra work and filming for them, especially considering that the YouTube algorithm may not necessarily reward these kinds of videos. I'd definitely be happy to pay for this kind of content even on top of my FB Plus)