FB Reach - Day 19 & 20 - Upper Body Toning + Stretching & Optional Stretch + Independent Workout

I completed my workout for yesterday. It was a upper body toning + stretching workout with Kellie and I didn't do the workout until this afternoon, because we was all down in the orchard working. So after I was done with working in the orchard my body was wore out, then after nap when I did the workout my arms were feeling it after the workout. So my lower body and my upper body both got in a good workout for the day so by the end of the day my body was just ready to go to bed for the night. But at least I burned a lot of calories throughout the whole day working out around the house and getting things done.

Now to move on to today, I completed my workout which was a optional stretch + an independent workout with Kellie and my arms were shaking, because they were feeling from the workout I had yesterday. Then after breakfast I took care of the alpaca pen then I took care of the chicken pen by pulling out all the pine needles in the top of the chicken pen. Then after that I cleaned out the chicken beds out and gave them some fresh stuff for there beds to lay down on and I gave them the old stuff to dig around in. This afternoon I took care of the the animals for the night the I just did the piano and now, I'm working on the puzzle with my mom just like she promised. So I was really busy the last two days and I was just doing something else last night that I forgot to get online, and oh before I forget Saturday night we all sat down on the couch and watched the movie Avatar. It is such a great beautiful movie that I think you girls online should watch with your friends and family, because not only is it a beautiful movie but it's also a very emotional movie too to watch with the whole family.