The Pride of Powering Through

I had a hard time finding motivation today. I usually work out at work, but I was off today for the holiday. Whenever I am off, my daughter's daycare is closed too, so I never have a day off where she isn't home with me. However, that doesn't mean I don't love it, we have such precious little time together.

So, when I should have just done my workout right away when I woke up (FB Strong Day 8, which is brutal), instead I made breakfast and took her to the zoo. I thought to myself, "It's okay, I'll just work out when she takes her nap."

Except she never took her nap today. So wallowing in my self pity of having no friends to hang out with on this fine day off and not being able to work out, I ordered junk food from Grubhub. Except my meal didn't come, just the two pieces of dessert I ordered. I finished most of one. It wasn't even good. So then I just felt worse.

I moped around, watching her play, took her outside in the yard, and my husband came home. I made dinner, and I guess just getting that done lit some kind of a little fire under my butt because after all my excuses all day, I finally just put on my gear and got it done.

It was hard, and I had to lower my weights for a few of the moves and take breaks to get the lengthy sets done, but I did it.

And I am so happy that I did! Even though I ate like garbage today, I still at least did this for myself. I am so glad I didn't let Lazy, Self-Pitying Me win in the end. And in the end, I do it for my daughter, to set an example for her and to keep up with her, because every day she gets faster and smarter and stronger, and I have to make sure she's safe!