Perspiration Pals -Jan 18, 2021 🏋‍♀️🏋

Heylo P Pals,

How's it going? It's another M day 🤭 and start of a new week!

It's a very bright sun shiny day out here and feels great. Just a lil reminder that no weather (season) stays and gotta enjoy all when till they last!

Workouts: Was a lower body strength routine and I had previously done this only one. Was intense, I mean my motivation was, hint, check meme 😁 Been two weeks to Booty 2 + Flex combo. In their normal scheduling I'm about 1.5 weeks done. It's intense and I'm happy I decided 4/week. Also with these two programs, I'm discovering a lotta new to me videos. Also two weeks to 2/week Yoga. So far really liking this.

So tell me about your workouts, and your day. What's not the menu today? (Btw, I managed to have tiramisu yesterday, after re-reading my post/some checkins 😋).

Some Cookie musings: So this morning I turned around in bed to find this lil one resting her head on the pillow and sleeping on the bed and slightly under the blanket. Guess she decided to pause capturing the whole pillow for a while 🥰

P. S. Anyone and everyone is always welcome in these threads, please feel free to pop by and say hello 😊💜