Hypnic jerk

Hey everyone !

So I know it's not a health forum, but believe me, I tried everything for this problem, from specialist to natural medecine, and nothing seems to work long terms, so I'm seeking some help from my favourite community.

It's been almost a year that I have hypnic jerk before sleep, it's not all the time thanks god, but believe me, only 3 night a week can mess up your mental.

It's basically twitches that wake you up when you fall asleep, sometimes with the heart pounding like crazy. Twitches can appear in every muscle of the body, from the foot to the heart.

It's hard to handle in my everyday life, cause during those nights I'm lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep, and of course working out in that state is difficult or near impossible.

So I'm seeking some help here, maybe someone experience it and get relieved somehow ?

I've seen doctors, who tells me everything and nothing.

I tried sleeping pills, supplement, even paracetamol at night, and all those things helped but now they don't anymore.

Thank you in advance ! And I'm sorry if this thread is kind of a bummer