Week 3- goal evaluation: how are you doing??

It is blue monday, said to be the most depressing day of the year. But my day started out fine. I did my workout, had my mealplan breakfast and it is my day of. When Tjeerd is done with his online lessons, we will go for a nice walk.

I am doing well with the mealplan and am enjoying the food. Dinners with the family work fine and we try to have healthy meals most days. My brother is law had us over for his birthday on saturday. I normally have a wine or 2 with my sister in law, but told them I am not drinking this month and had tea/hot water all evening.

I walked to work twice this week and had a walk on monday, those walks made sure I averaged on 6000 days (6349 to be exact). On days that I ride my bike to work it is much harder to get in lots of steps, I barely go over 3500; but I do my workout and I ride my bike, so I am okay with that.

I have started to lose some weight as well, so I think I need to up the ante a little, but I am not sure how.. I did tell Melli to join her in the pushup challenge, but I am already doing another challenge on the side for posture and I know that won’t work for me… Maybe I will just finish this month and set a new goal for myself in february.

How are you doing with your goals? Do you need to re-evaluate them to make it work (making it harder or easier)? Do you have any obstacles in the way?

ETA: I just received this newsletter about how many steps a day you should take. My thoughs were confirmed, I am doing just fine.