FB Reach - Day 18 - Stretching + Light Toning

I completed my workout for today. It was a stretching and light toning workout with Kellie again and I was mainly working out my lower back, abs and legs during the workout. After I was done with it I had my breakfast then I took care of the alpaca pen, took care of my clothes, talked to my grandpa and finally did the violin. This afternoon I was helping my mom with cleaning up the side deck and then I had my snack, then I took care of the chickens and after I'm done online I will take care of the rest of the animals for the night. So it was a pretty busy day for me around the house but not as busy as I was all week with doing schoolwork for each one of my classes. I'm also going to be busy tomorrow morning as well but I don't know for the whole day though I only know for the morning part of the day. I just would like to do something fun with my mom and Allen for one of these three days that I have off from school until Tuesday, then I will be doing schoolwork for the next four days after that. So until then I don't know what fun things we are going to do together as a family where we are all having fun in the house or around the house I don't really know.