NSV - Fit better in my pants (again)

I bought these pants about 2,5 years ago. They fitted me okay. I didn't try to fit in a smaller size anyway.

I wore them maybe 3 or 4 times then started to hate them (including my body) because they became so tight everywhere. So I just put these pants in my closet and forget about the whole thing.

Yesterday, I pulled them out from my closet and wore them for work. I notice that I fit better in my pants again. They don't 《cut》my belly anymore. My inner thighs feel much more confortable. I even have a little space around and can feel the wind blowing between my skin and the fabric.

So I guess 10 months of working out regularly with Fitness Blender pays off. I can trust these pants because they don't contain stretch fabrics (they can't lie). I still weigh the same but my body fat & muscles apparently changed and spread more evenly.

Well, maybe I'm exagerating a little bit by comparing a big pile of home-made pancakes of my own with my belly and love handles 😄 as shown in the pics above. This is not a negative talk about my own body. I put this comparison because they were so similar.

I'm happy with this tiny little positive change on my body.