FB Reach - Day 17 - Pilates + Core + Stretching

I completed my workout for today. It was a Pilates + Core + stretching workout with Kellie and there was three different workouts to do and by the time I was done my body was feeling it. My legs were shaking a little when I got out of the shower because my legs were already feeling it from the workout. I was so busy at school this week but I managed to get all the work done in my classes, even though it was a lot of work to do everyday. I still managed to get everything done in class so that way I didn't have to worry about doing anymore of it later. I do know that after going on to Aeries and checking my classes I have three A+ so far within the first two weeks of school. So I'm liking that I have straight A+'s so far because that means if I keep up the good work then I can keep the grades just the way they are. But now I can just relax for three days since I won't have school again until next Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. There's no school on that day so all the students will have a extra day off from school to maybe do something fun with the whole family without no schoolwork. So I'm looking forward to my three day weekend away from school, because then I can allow my brain to be able to relax from all the schoolwork that I have been doing all week. Oh I almost forgot to tell you girls online that I'm making dinner tonight and the meal we will be having for dinner is split-pea soup.