Where I started & where I’m at

The last before and after I posted was after the 4 week mass challenge . Well I’ve done another program and feel accomplished but I want to show you guys what fitness blender has done for me !! Here is my before and after from my beginning of my journey (about May/June ish 2020) to now.

I started off just by doing 2 hours of cardio (VERY UNHEALTHY) on an exercise bike, then I incorporated some kettlebell moves and that is where I found a fitnessblender video . I did a few of those a week until I decided to do a whole program (in July) . Since then I’ve completed


Fit R1

Fit R2


Booty+ Flex

Now I’m on Complete and I’m finishing up week 1

I started this to loose weight after I was the heaviest I had been in years (168 lbs) and I successfully lost 20 lbs. Now I found myself back at 155lbs at 5’5 and according to BMI I would be overweight for my height .

It’s been such a journey from weighing myself 3 times a day to now weighing myself every so often to keep in check . I was going to start counting my calories again when I saw I was creeping back up in weight but decided not to. I eat when I am hungry and some days I am ravaging other days I don’t have an appetite . Speaking about food , since emphasizing protein my plant based diet’s menu has grown tremendously! I get protein from such a variety of sources . I am also no longer afraid of eating high calorie items like hazelnuts . Food restriction is no joke and I hope to not go back into that dark corner.

It’s really tough but I’m getting there , but the positive talk in these workout videos have helped tremendously. I feel like I get some therapy with my workouts haha

The community helps too. You guys are great . Anyway thanks for listening , I hope my story helps someone ! Every day I am grateful that I happened across Kelli and Daniels youtube videos .