Jesse's 12 rules for life.


1 - Reps for Jesus. Lift to failure, God is spotting you.

2 - Beat up the heavy bag. Not yourself.

3 - Laugh at your own jokes. Somebody has to.

4 - Pasta is love. Pasta is life.

5 - Squat to pop. Make that booty pop.

6 - Cats are good, dogs are better. Just make sure to never watch Ol' Yeller.

7 - Never watch My Dog Skip either, screw that movie. I wasn't crying, you were crying!

8 - Believe in yourself. The only one you should believe in harder is God Himself, and He believes in you too.

9 - EAT GREENS ERRYDAY. 24/7 Graze It.

10 - Exercise your mind as you do your body. With both, you can stand on your own strength and better enjoy life.

11 - Time is God's currency. Don't spend it hating yourself.

12 - Love against all odds. Also eat bacon. Bacon is love. Just not too much. Too much love will kill you. Freddie Mercury said so.