Perspiration Pals -January 13, 2021 🍜

heylo P Pals,

How is it going? Here, technically it is mid of the midweek! I spoke about a hint of sunshine yesterday morning and believe it or not, since then it has been snowing 😏 Well in the city it is not the kind of snow that settles but it's still lovely to look at! I also had a slow start to the day this morning.

I am continuing with Yoga Wednesdays and I am so glad I have this slower day in between tough ones. For past few days, since I've been hunched over my laptop, I have very tight and slightly painful shoulders/upper back. So today I chose about 30 mins of Hatha yoga with shoulder focus and liked it. I am slowly learning to reduce the number of times I look at how much time is left 🀭

So what's up with you, what workouts and activities? How do you relieve a tight muscle area(s)? Also mostly we are in week 2 for those who've started new programs or challenges, let us know how you find them so far. Now coming to food. I mean that meme is me, I sometimes am probably the only one in the entire apartment complex with light on, yeah seriously that late. I cook and eat sometimes close to midnight. The last 10 days has been worse. So I really want to fix ask me in a few days if I'm flashing torch to space above at midnight or peacefully let angels fly in my sleep. Anyways, I had stir-fried veggie noodles yesterday. Over to you, tell me about your day 😊

P.S. Anyone and everyone is always welcome in these threads, please feel free to pop by and come say hello. We'd love to hear from you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ