Starting fresh

Hello blenders, it's been a while!

I haven't really been consistent with workouts recently at all and mainly ended up doing about 1 total body workout per week mainly because my body was fatigued. For about two weeks I said screw it and gave myself a much needed break. I've noticed I've lost a lot of my muscle and jeez I feel like I've ran a marathon just going up the stairs 😂. In the UK we are currently in a national lockdown and that has effected a lot of my mood and motivation just because I don't have any sense of normality.

As many of you may know I do suffer from chronic pain and unfortunately it did get a bit worse whilst being inactive. With my chronic pain I have found that having peppermint oil and exercise is the way in which I am able to manage it, however one doesn't always work without the other but my body needed the rest so I was willing to make the sacrifice.

So right now I am at that beginner level again and I have absolutely no shame whatsoever admitting that 😁. I woke up a bit too late this morning so I didn't actually manage to get a workout in but I want actually try and do short stretching routines before bed just so I've had at least a little movement throughout the day. Yesterday I managed to go for a short walk, only to the shops, but during the walk I was trying to focus on how I felt getting some fresh air and getting my body moving. I felt great and energised despite it being such a short walk!

Tomorrow I plan on doing a total body beginner cardio routine and taking it slow and modifying when needed. My main goal for this week is to focus on what my body is telling me and how I feel during the workouts. Do I feel energised, do I feel happy, do I feel fatigued? These are all important questions to ask myself once a workout is over to reflect on the session and also see where I may need to modify workouts to be a little harder or to take it easier.

I know this is a bit of a lengthy post but I wanted to make a record of it and stay accountable!

Stay safe!