week 2- goal evaluation

Did you make it through the first full week of January? I am happy to say I did. I barely made my step goal: 6024 on average per day, but I made it. I had 3 days that I went over, on 1 day I almost reached it, I had 2 days of only reaching 3500 and a 4000 day. I was wondering though, when you are quite active (WHO recommendation is 150 minutes of activity per week, I meet those, easily), 10000 steps seems a bit high, but what would be the minimum amount per day? I’ll stick to 6000 for now (on average per week).

The mealplan is going quite well. I make some alterations here and there, but they are healthy substitutes and the amount of calories match the ones in the plan. I haven’t had any alcohol this past week, not even when we had a gamenight with some friends and everyone was having a beer. So I am doing good. I love how following the plan is making me more creative with food. How I realise that I actually enjoy taking the time to prepare myself something healthy, nutritious and tasty. I have been tracking my caloric intake because I don’t follow the plan when it comes to dinner, and the average is 1950 per day, which is okay since maintenance is 2300 for me.

Weightwise there is no difference yet, but I would rather feel the way I do right now and not lose weight, then lose weight and feel the way I did before..

I am starting my own routine this week, complemented with another program focused on better posture. Other then that I am not changing anything this week because I am quite happy about how it’s going.

Here’s a quote from James Clear, to help you reach your goal this week: "The more disciplined your environment is, the less disciplined you need to be. Don't swim upstream."

Have a great week!