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Taking detours on the plan, guiltfree / how FB influences my sons health

Yesterday my husband, son and I were playing a tabletop game (Eclips, for the gamelovers among us). It took quite long and so dinner turned into take out shoarma.

Later 2 friends came over to play another game (Caloma). Normally I would join them in having a drink, but hanging my arm of the wagon for a little bit does not mean having to fall of it (I am not drinking alcohol while I follow the plan).. So, I drank water all evening.

This morning my son wanted to have a quesedilla for breakfast. That was in my plan for this afternoon, he likes his with chicken, cheddar, tomatoes and spring onions.. so I made another alteration to the plan and we shared breakfast. I did not make the afternoon meal, but made healthy substitutes.

I love how following the plan is making me more creative with food. How I realise that I actually enjoy taking the time to prepare myself something healthy, nutritious and tasty. The fast that I do not have those afternooncravings, and when I do, I have a healthy snack to satisfy those craving.

And I love how my son enjoys it too, and the effect it has on him (foodchoices, thinking about health).

So, thanks K&D for all you do.

My son and I are having a nerdaton (watching the Big Bang Theory before Netflix takes it down), we plan on a few episodes and then a recovery workout and/or a walk to counteract all the sitting.