Can't Lose Weight, I Know I Need to Eat More

I love working out, especially to the FB videos, and I have noticed a difference in strength, however I can't seem to lose weight or even inches. I do know that muscle weighs more but if I could lose inches rather then weight I would be happy with that.

I've had a few medical issues that affected my weight. in high school I got sick and was misdiagnosed for 6 years where I gained 55lbs. My weight had reached 195lbs. I have struggled to lose the weight since, I'm 34 now, so this has been about a 20 year struggle. I then was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, yay I lost a ton of weight, except I looked like a terminally ill person after awhile and when I was put on meds I did gain the weight back, so I'm about 175 now. Although I don't want to look like that person again, I do want to lose about 30-35lbs and I know my biggest problem is I don't take in enough calories.

People make fun of me all the time for how little I eat. I did go see a dietician who told me I need to eat more, however I just physically can't do it, I feel really sick afterwards. I tried once and it took me an hour to eat my meal. I try and eat really healthy no snacky foods, I don't eat out or eat too much processed foods. I love raw veggies, fruits and my favorite beverage is water always has been. I have tried calorie counting but I never hit the caloric intake I should.

So my question is what can I do or what foods can I eat, that will provide more calories but not make me increase to larger portions of food? Oh I should also mention I'm a very picky eater. Its not that I won't try new foods its just that there is a lot I don't like so I won't eat it, like bananas, I totally gag if I eat them.