Confused, stuck and loss of mojo

So, I want to lean up. I have some more body fat I want to lose but I also want to build muscle....my body is very much at a standstill at the moment and I feel like all progress has completely halted. I’m wondering if I’ve hit my limit without taking steps with workouts and nutrition that I’m not comfortable with. I am aware any physical changes slow down drastically and take time after exercising a long time so is it just a case of keep on keeping on and being patient? (Unfortunately I’m not the most patient person) I mix my workouts regularly between strength work, endurance, hiit, Pilates.

Either way I’m feeling a bit disheartened and struggling for motivation.

Not sure what else I should be doing and whether I should be in a calorific deficit to lose fat or a surplus to build muscle?! I don’t want to start counting calories as it’s not good for my mental health, I just want a rough idea if I should be eating more or less at this point and what might kickstart things again for me...totally lost my mojo!

Thanks wise ones xxx