Push-up Group - Week 1: January Goal setting

Hello fellow push-up friends,

Let's reconvene with the push-up training, shall we?

So this group is for anyone wanting to improve their push-ups - wherever your starting level is. This is where we set goals and cheer eachother on on our journey to improve push-ups.

For those interested in joining: you chose your own goal based on where you are at. The group checks in once a week (Thursday) to report on progress, difficulties and to cheer eachother on.

Why push-ups? It's an exercise that targets several muscles at once. And I for one have struggled to get them right for as long as I can think of (PE class tests in push-ups were always a disaster for me).

So my personal goal is to be able to do 10-15 push-ups in a row with good form by the end of the year - currently I am able to do 2 with ok form.

By the end of this month I'd like to be closer to doing 2 push-ups with good form.

What is your goal for push-ups for this year? Or for this month? What is your starting point? What is your motivation to train for push-ups?