Gift card redemption with no credit card

Hi FB folks,

Happy New Year!!!

I LOVE FB and I'm a long time user! Since I don't have a credit card anymore, I asked my dad to buy me the yearly FB Plus gift card as a belated Christmas gift and send it to my email address. That worked, but as I am now trying to redeem the gift card, I get stuck because the website is not letting me continue without providing a credit card or paypal, which I have neither. Can I please ask you how can I use my gift card without providing these?

Please help! Now I'm stuck with all this money in my FB wallet - which is paid with real money by my dad - and I it would suck so much if I can't use it just because I don't have these external services. I wouldn't like to use it for other things, like programs, because I've already bought the programs I wanted... I'd really like to just join FBPlus with these funds. But worst case scenario, if that's not possible, can my dad get a refund?

Looking forward to some help.

thanks in advance and hoping that everyone is ok in the pandemic,

Ves the Best

PS. I didn't know you got a cat!!! Since when is that?