Advice on becoming a morning exercise person!?

I am in the knowledge that the legendary unicorn known as the "morning person" does indeed exist, however I have yet to encounter this mystical beast in the wild.....

Ok, that may not be entirely true. My husband and my Mum are among two of the aforementioned rare species. Up at the break of day, doing chores and - dare I say it - EXERCISING. At 6am. HOW?

So, in all my deluded harebrainedness, I decided that my thing for 2021 is to discover the secret elixir of the morning-unicorn, and try to become one myself. God help me.

I am starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and really, all I feel like doing after a long work day is peeling off my clothes and melting into bed. Anyone else?

Soooo...if there are any elusive morning-exercise unicorns among us that feel generous enough to give up their secrets....I'm all ears! What time do you get up? Do you have breakfast before or after? How long do you work out for? What type of exercise do you find best in the morning? Spill the beans! TIA :D