Pizza Night - Attn Ashley W

Good evening Ashley.

As foretold earlier in the day, "PIZZA NIGHT!" Check out this bad boy.

Sourdough pizza crust!


Fire Roasted tomatoes

16 cloves of garlic (yes that number is correct)

4 oz provolone, 2 oz Asiago

3.5 oz pepper jack sausage

Fresh spinach

3 oz black olives

3-4 oz marinated artichoke hearts

1.5 cups red (purple) onion

1 tbs our dehydrated bell peppers ground to sprinkle

We each had only two pieces and were full. More for tomorrow. :D Probably spread it out into two meals using side salads. We still have a bunch of chicken soup as well. The fire you see in the upper left is from the wood cook stove we have in our kitchen. Whooo, HOT..

P.S. Share your best recipe.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!