Happy New Year! Stats 📊 and Before and After 📸

Hey FB fam, Happy New Year to everyone! It’s been so cool to see all of your stats and reflections on your journey this year. It’s been so helpful to follow along with all of your successes and workout/program/challenge complete moments!

In about 2 weeks I will be at my first dedicated Blenderversary (thanks Kimberlee for the term!) I’ve been with FB for years but never as dedicated as I was the past year. I went into it just wanting a way to feel better and stronger. With no expectations on myself. My goals slowly changed into things that didn’t involve a scale number per se. I worked on body composition and measurements, endurance and consistency. Mainly I just enjoyed my time working out in the privacy of my basement with my favorite Netflix show in the background.

I completed 10 programs and one challenge! 10,699 minutes of activity! My favorite programs were Abs 2 and Burn 2. I found out I actually love core workouts and kickboxing. I realized I was a program person, and stuck to them like glue. I got sick with covid and went into my illness strong. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support through that scary experience by the way. Happy to report I’m feeling back to 100%.

The pictures I’ve included is a picture from my last performance of 2019 with my band next to a picture from October. I felt comfortable in the first picture, loved my dress and my body, but I was ready to focus on health again. It’s interesting to me to see how the number on the scale really doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s 40 pounds difference in the pictures, but the composition and measurements are way more telling.

Thank you Fitness Blender for giving me an outlet I didn’t know I needed. Thank you to this FB fam community for always inspiring me, especially during moments where I’m sitting on the couch and need a push to go get it done, (like right now...)

I hope 2021 brings us some change and some progress. Either way I’m glad to share it with you all! Best of wishes to everyone on their journey!