taking a break

i have a very busy schedule. i go to school and i am in all honors and ap classes, i take 6 dance classes a week, i have a part-time job, i try to work out five times a week, and i still try to have a social life and spend time with my family, boyfriend, and friends. recently, i think i’ve had too much on my plate and was getting very burnt out. i am constantly exhausted and am always stressed out. i haven’t worked out for the past few days because of school and dance and just being tired. last night, we also had to put my cat down (not the orange one i shared a picture of, another one.) i am very devastated and sad and don’t really have the energy to do a lot of things right now. so right now i am just taking a break from working out and i will just restart fb burn on monday. sometimes we just need a little rest