The time has arrived!

The time has come to express some appreciation for this community! I'm quite fond of you all, really. I mean sure, I haven't been here long but that's irrelevant. We're all connected. I feel as if we're all a Survivor on this Journey. Burning Hearts will Dream On.

We're all united by our support for one another, there's no need for us to be Holding Out for a Hero. Every time we do a HIIT workout with Daniel, we enter the Danger Zone like Men at Work Down Under. We have to have the Heart of a Barracuda. Together, we take flight like A Flock Of Seagulls.

Don't Stop Believin', our goals are in sight! Everybody Wants To Rule The World, after all. And I know Daniel's workouts are scary but there's no need for Tears for Fears. We just gotta have the Eye of the Tiger, and none of us will be Foreigner(s) to our goals and dreams!

(Yes, I am aware of what I've done here. It truly is a Beautiful Tragedy. I'm not sorry.)