Working out calorie bracket

Hi guys!

I'm relatively new to FB (done a couple of workouts here and there) but I bought the FB Meal Plan a couple of months ago and was overwhelmed so it went on the back burner.

I finally picked it back up but again I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out which calorie "bracket" I'd be in.

I've done the calculations but this is all new to me and it could be very wrong, if anyone could offer some advice on this I would be very grateful! This is what I have so far, again this is likely to be very wrong!:

BMR 1503 (used an online calculator)


No exercise 1803

Light exercise 2066

Moderate exercise 2329

1lb week weight loss (based on 250cal/workout defecit):

No exercise 1553 (1600 bracket?)

Light exercise 1816 (1600/2000 bracket?)

Moderate exercise 2079 (2000 bracket?)

Also I'm sure it says this somewhere in the plan and I've just missed it but if, for example, I were to do 3 workouts a week, would I stick to that light exercise bracket for the whole week even on days when I'm not working out?

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can offer!