My one year anniversary!

Today marked the end of my FB workout week, and one year since I decided to purchase my first program and get serious about my workouts. I lost about 24 pounds in the first 4 months, and have been steady since then. The today pic is at the high side of the normal BMI, but it seems to be where my body wants to be with eating intuitively and doing FB workouts.

I'm not good at doing the fitness tests (sorry Kelli and Daniel - too many flashbacks to grade school PE!), so I'm not sure of my exact NSV, but I can say that my shoulder no longer gives me trouble, I can run after my 3 year old with ease, and I'm the strongest I've ever been.

I've mostly done the 30 minute workout programs and have learned they are my jam....45 minutes ones start making me cranky. I can do a full 2 rounds of 20 seconds of jump squats and I only moderately hate star jumps now!! I'm still working on doing one round of lizard hops, haha (seriously, who invented those?!?!).

Anyway, thanks for being such a supportive community and I hope you all are enjoying your holidays!