Grateful for FB workout program

Hi! Love the new FB Plus!

I have been using FB on and off for 10 years now. I had my last child in 2015 and just as I was gearing up to get my body back in order my mom got very ill with advanced Ovarian Cancer. I was a primary caretaker but 3 hours away from her with a full time job and very small girls of 1 and 6 years old. Instead of hitting the workouts I had marathon car rides every other week and when with my mom caring for her or taking her to treatments. When I was home I was grieving and exhausted all the time. She passed away in October of 2018 and I went into a grief tailspin and tried to get some semblance back to my life. That only resulted in depression and anxiety that often did not translate into a workout but instead manifested into overeating and drinking lots of wine! In Dec. 2019 I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and had 149 pounds on my 5'3 frame. I slowly was making changes and then the pandemic hit. My whole life shifted to working full time running a school of 500 students and 100 staff members remotely with my husband while also ensuring that my daughters in PreK and 4th grade were on top of their own remote learning. Then of course there was being a full time chef making 3 square meals per day, cleaning constantly and, oh, the laundry! I indulged more and more in snacks, wine, sweets. Then my annual blood came back this Fall with triglycerides through the roof and elevated A1C and glucose (pre diabetes). How did this all happen? Well, depression, stress, and a general inactive lifestyle will do that to you! Oh, and being perimenopausal at 47 with wild hormonal shifts do not help with weight gain and health issues.

Since getting those blood results on Nov. 13 I have thrown myself into exercise and better eating. I have quit alcohol save for a glass of wine on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I have also cut out sweets and processed meats (bacon is my favorite and that is a hard one).

I have made a pledge to myself that in one calendar year I will be a stronger, leaner and overall healthier me. With consistent exercise and better eating I already am feeling the results. FB you play a huge part in that.

Thank you for all of your videos and tips, most of which are free.

Thank you for how encouraging you are on your videos.

Thank you for not dumbing things down and teaching us about our muscle groups we are using when we exercise and how to modify for easy or harder

Thank you for the new options in workouts now too!

You are doing a great service to all who find you!

Have a very Happy New Year!