Fun family activity yesterday

Here’s another of my updates about my attempts to get my teens off the couch...

So when they decided to stay 100% remote (that’s an option at their school) I said that they had to do something that involved them getting off the couch everyday. If they haven’t done anything by the afternoon, I get to tell them what to do. So yesterday was fairly warm and I told them, get up! We’re playing Gaga ball (which they love.) So that was fun. We were only outside about 30 mins before everyone got tired but I was pretty happy with that.

Then...I was so happy, because after dinner they ASKED to play laser tag! On weekends after dinner, we always have a mandatory Family Time. I got my hubby for Christmas a laser tag set, hoping the kids would like it too (my hubby is a huge kid!) The teens were so excited that they asked to play right away.

First, we were all disappointed and mad that it appeared the guns weren’t working. Everytime someone fired, it hit anyone in the room even if you weren’t aiming at them. You even hit yourself! So I was so sad that my present was a failure. Then after some digging about on the website, it turns out that the lasers bounce off walls and don’t work well in small rooms. So we then bundled up as it was starting to snow and went outside in the dark. We had A LOT of fun playing outside in the dark!

So, I was so happy to have gotten them outside and moving TWICE in one day. And they enjoyed each.

I also got a new game called Throw Throw burrito (which is a card game that is combined with dodge ball). They are SO excited to play so I hope we play soon. Finally, I got them glow in the dark ping pong, because they really enjoy our ping pong tournaments so glow in the dark ping pong might be a new fun twist.

That’s it! Just wanted to share my happiness!