Januari plan

I don't do newyears resolutions, but I am starting the FB mealplan on monday the 4th (because of groceryplanning...). My goalpants still fit, but are a bit more snugg then last year december. I have noticed my eating habits have changed for the worse lately, so I need a reset.

I have planned the first 2 weeks (shopping list, mealprep, modifications). I will be following the 1600 kcal plan for breakfast untill afternoonsnack. According to the calculations my BMR is 2300, so 500 deficit is 1800. Since dinner will be a regular dinner with my husband and son, I went for the 1600 plan instead of the 2000. I will adjust when needed. My eveningsnack will often be a warm milk with honey, since I like to have one of those in the evening.

I am going to take a "before" picture tomorrow and finish the plan on the 31st of januari. Ideally I will lose some weight, I plan on the max: 4 kg in 4 weeks. Mostly though, I hope to change my eating habits again and feel better.