Replies to my Japan post

Hello everyone! Sorry for taking so long to reply, I did see your replies and enjoyed them! I've been preparing to start full-time work and might be doing more travelling later on this year so I've had a lot to prepare for.

Victory- I've loved seeing your photos! My phone was faulty so I didn't get many photos but I might make a collage of stock images. How did you handle the heat?

Korse- I would suggest getting a JR Pass for the shinkansen and using that to go from place to place. Takaosan makes for a great day trip from Tokyo. I hope you have a great time! It really is an incredible place. PLuck up the courage to try out the onsen if you can! The one at Takaosan is great and there's a beautiful shrine near the top of the mountain.

I really feel a lot of people give Japan a miss. For me, being young, it was a safe country to visit and the train service is efficient.

I did get a few photos on my phone before it gave out on me completely so i might upload those.

Has anyone on here completed FB Abs? My abs are starting to show but I feel an abs focused program might give them an extra boost.