Setting Goals

For so long (before I had the knowledge of fitness that I do now) I never used to train my upper body. I would always focus on cardio and my lower body for strength training. This has obviously lead to me being extremely weak in my upper body and I am annoyed at my past self for skipping upper body workouts. I have now decided to combat this and incorporate more upper body training in my schedule and I have even set myself a goal of being able to do 10 reps of full push ups by the end of May. I can barely finish 10 half push ups at the moment so it is going to be a definite challenge for me but I have made myself a little sticker chart to keep me motivated and on track. I will start off by doing 10 half push ups with perfect form every day and gradually increase the reps until I feel ready to progress to a full push up. Wish me luck!