Getting married in 9 days

I am taking part in a WOL (working out loud) circle, which suggests to set a goal (mine is to educate myself on a fit and healthy lifestyle) and work on it for 12 weeks while building a helpful network that helps fullfiling said goal. This is week 3 and the FBfamily is the most supportive network I have met so far - so I´d like to share what´s on my mind.

I am with fitnessblender for roughly 2 years now (first through YouTube, then my own account). In December 2017, about 3 month ago, I started to take working out and eating healthily more serious because of my upcoming wedding in March 2018. It is March 2018 now and only a few days away from the wedding day. And guess what. I made such slow progress, it might have been tiptoeing behind me instead of running fast forward. So this is what I´ve learned over the last three month (in which I had a caloric deficit of about 1000 calories through eating less and working out) : wanting to shed body fat should not be my ultimate goal and it doesn´t work for me that way!!

I am 1,80 m tall (5"11) and think I started with a weight of 74 kg (163 pounds). The last time I weighted myself could be 2 years ago - I don´t do scales, they depress me. Mid december I did independent workouts for 2 weeks, did FBsweat two times after that, then one time FBabs, went on skiing and snowboarding holiday last week and am in my last 2 weeks of a third round of FBsweat which I started before the holiday. I lost around 10 pounds after my second round of FBsweat, which I might have gained again after I started binging a lot. As it turns out: dieting in the form of not fueling my body with enough energy is a knock out for me. I felt lethargic over January and Febuary only eating roughly 1.400 calories a day, getting up at 4 am (because I commute 4 hours every workday), getting the workout done, coming home late, cooking, and falling asleep around 8 pm - energy-deprived. It sounds crazy, even to me.

While on holiday I started to eat a normal amount of food again (and some sweet stuff on the side ^^). I feel so so so much better now, even though I didn´t keep the pounds off. The wedding is in 9 days. So what?! I will start eating at least 1.800 calories per day again (I don´t count my macros or calories but have quite a good estimation of my intake because I cook a lot). We eat mostly clean anyways and have done so for a few years now. I only drink water and tea, never have sweets in the house and will try to not overeat, which is my main issue. The next programm I have scheduled is FBmass. I am very much looking forward to it! I will give myself the time and patience to watch what will happen to the own body when listened to. :)

Thank you Kelli and Daniel for always putting so much thought, love, motivation, and knowledge into your work! It helps people change their way of thinking and have a chance to do the best they can.