Looking back

After having a rough fall this year, between covid and its affects on how I do my job (way more challenging and with lots more time/effort) which impacted my workouts, sleep, eating, LIFE!, I felt like looking at my personal stats.

I have been a member since 2015. I have done over 1600 workouts, completed 17 programs. The equates to over 30,000 minutes of exercise (as recorded on fb) with 2/3 of that time at a level 3 or greater. I have been pretty good about my focus as well; 50% total body, 15% percent (roughly) on upper body and core each, with 19% on lower body. I have recorded workouts in all category types that are shown on fb as well. I know I am stronger, have better balance in spite of being diagnosed with an inner ear issue, and seem to recover better or get "unstiff" faster in the morning. I sadly, have NOT lost much weight or inches, but I do believe some of that may be a combination of menopause and medication additons over that timeframe. I have learned to listen to my body better, and have tried more new things as well. Just felt like sharing.