iPads, smart TVs & mobile feedback


Hey FBfamily!

We're hearing scattered reports about issues with the new site on mobile, iPads & smart TVs but it's few and far between and difficult for us to recreate. If you're having issues with the site on any of these devices, please send an email to us with this information (service@fitnessblender.com - email is preferable to posts in the forum, as those are harder to track and don't allow for as many images atm):

- What device you're on & what version it is of that device (i.e. iPad vs iPad mini vs Pro, etc) and version of iOS

- What browser you're using (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc)

- Screenshots of the issue you're having

The more information you can provide, the better. Again, please send info to service@fitnessblender.com.

Thank you all for the continued feedback - I hope you're all aware of the enormously important role each of you play in helping us better fitnessblender.com. We appreciate the team effort and will keep working to make this community better & better.

Thank you,