At-Home Exercise While Attending a Virtual Conference?

A little at-home exercise while attending a virtual conference?

Why not, right?

When we were approached about being part of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum this week, we immediately thought that in addition to talking about what we do, we'd show what we do too.

So, in addition to sharing some key learnings from the past ten years during our spotlight presentation, “1 Billion Lessons Learned from an Online Fitness Leader,” we're also showcasing some real-world examples of accessible, engaging online fitness.

Let's get those business, healthcare, and government executives moving, right? Hope they can hang and get their #workoutcomplete with us!

Fitness Blender has always been online, and we're excited to share our experiences around delivering online fitness content to our nearly 25 million users (across all platforms), and share learnings about engagement, motivation, and ultimately genuine behavioral change, leading to improved health and wellness.

These are the kinds of things that we do "behind the scenes" most time of the time, but wanted to share!

Check out our cool virtual booth!