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No Change for a while!!


I have been working out using Fitnessbleder programs for few months. However, for the last month, my body kinda stopped changing. I am more interested in being more toned and lose my stubborn abdominal fats rather than building mass muscles.

Anyone have any recommendations for me?

Would you recommend any kind of supplement for me?

Some info:

- I only strictly follow the fitnessblender workout at home. I do not add to them.

- I do eat healthy, no sweets, excess sugar or fatty junk food. (I do eat fries and get coke once a week).

- I do lift dumbbells (10 kg each) that make me tired. Also, I wear weighted (7kg) vest. In addition to wrist weights of 1kg each. (1 kg = 2.2 lb)

- I don't eat bills to burn fats or things of the sort.