Before & After - Fitness Blender changed my life

I’ve never really been ‘in shape’… Maybe skinnier, lighter, but I’d still get winded just bringing the groceries in.

I started Fitness Blender upon discovering them on Kodi (lol) back in 2017. I had just had our second son… After about 4 months, the numbers on the scale had stopped moving and I was on a mission to lose the extra weight. I did an 8 week trial at Burn Boot Camp and it had just come to an end. I was scrambling to find a substitute. As much as I loved Burn, I couldn’t afford the monthly membership – not with two kids both in daycare. Plus, I was starting to slack because I hated driving there.

My first FB video: Cardio Kickboxing and Bodyweight Cardio Workout – Fat Burning Intervals … I was blown away – totally sore in places I never thought I could be sore. The BEST feeling ever. This is still my all-time favorite video. Even my husband knows that LOL.

I looked up the FB website, signed up, found the videos on YouTube, and I’m a 100% invested fan for life.

After a couple of weeks, I set goals for myself… my first “weight goal” was roughly half of my total weight goal and once I reached that weight, I rewarded myself by purchasing a set of Powerblocks. It allowed me time to make sure this was the right decision for me. It didn’t take long and these dumbbells have been a huge part of this for me too. I don’t have a bunch of equipment lying around or a whole room dedicated to working out.

I love the programs too. The ease of not having to decide what workouts I’m going to do each day. I’m doing Sweat right now – Just started yesterday. I love the physical fitness tests. I also keep measurements of my arms, waist, and thighs.

I did have another son last year (2019) – finding out that I was expecting baby boy number 3 right after I had bought size 6 jeans was a little deflating, but he’s been the perfect addition and completion to our family of 5 ☺. I had him in July and started my journey again in November of 2019.

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook the other day and it surprises me how many people ask me about what I eat as opposed to how many days I work out, what kinds of workouts, etc… I love how you guys really emphasize it’s more moving and micro-tearing the muscles the right way… Less about eating --- eat as clean as possible and be in tune to your eating for nourishment and energy.

I’m so strong now and it’s amazing how not only my body, but my endurance has changed. Sometimes I still take breaks before the initial water break, but that’s just another mental challenge that I enjoy working at.

Overall, I’m in the best shape of my life. I now look forward to my workouts. All because of Fitness Blender. Thank you FB family, Kelli, and Daniel! You’ve changed my life.