1 year anniversary with FB

Today marks a year since I began working out with Fitness Blender regularly. I’ve built so much strength of both body and mind since starting this journey, and I just wanted to share how grateful I am to Fitness Blender for making such awesome free workouts. I’m also very grateful to the community here for being a constant source of inspiration, even though I’ve only been a lurker until now. ;)

I started a workout plan with aesthetic goals which I have not reached. In fact, my measurements have not changed much at all in many places. However, I’m more toned, I can lift heavier, stretch farther (I got my splits!!) and HIIT longer. I’ve even seen improvement in areas I didn’t expect. My skin is clearer, and my menstrual cycle is more regular.

My mindset has definitely changed in the last year. I’ve become drastically more in tune with my body, which has been such a game changer. I’ve learned to challenge myself, give myself grace and celebrate victories.

I’ve done FB workouts 5x/week for a year and loved it, but lately I’ve noticed that my body is taking longer than usual to recover. So now I’ll slow things down by doing FB XT and taking some extra rest days. I’ll also occasionally be incorporating other fun things like jumping rope, dancing, extra stretching, etc. when I can.

I look forward to more years full of “workouts complete!”